Client Reviews And Recent Firm Successes

"Landon is very professional, knowledgeable and experienced, and he quickly relieved my anxiety concerning the charge against me. He and Linda were great at communicating court dates and any information I needed to know, and in the end, he was able to get the charge completely dropped. Highly recommended!" Charges: misdemeanor Permit Unlicensed Minor to Drive Motor Vehicle.

"Landon was very helpful during this process that resulted in all charges being dropped. I would recommend him for anyone going through a difficult situation. Having excellent representation made all the difference." Charges: misdemeanor Simple Assault.

"First off, let me say that I am a REAL PERSON. I work in law enforcement thanks in large part to Mr. Landon White. I had been hired, when two and a half months into my employment with an agency, a charge was discovered on my background information that I had unintentionally omitted. It left me unemployed and wondering if I would ever have the chance to be in law enforcement again. I did a search for attorneys in the triangle area because my hearing on whether or not I would be given State Certification was in Raleigh. I sent out several inquiries to different attorneys, three to be exact, and Mr. White was one of them. I did my search on a Sunday. It was only an hour after I had posted my information to Mr. White's online site that he called me to discuss my case. Mr. White was down to earth, tried to ease my stress, and was willing to take his time, on a Sunday, to listen to my story. Mr. White was easy to contact, always available, kept me informed of information he may have needed from me, etc. The key with Mr. White was his down to earth style and his eagerness to help me win my case. Over the course of three and a half months, Mr. White put together information supporting why I unintentionally failed to put a charge from 1995 on my background information. The day of my hearing was a very emotional day for me. In short, the hearing commission is similar to a jury, where the commission hears the information, asks questions during the review and then makes a decision. Mr. White handled my hearing just like it was a court proceeding. Mr. White pointed out the things I've done to get to the point where I was, noting there was nothing intentional about leaving the charge off, just a simple omission. Mr. White, handled the proceeding with the utmost professionalism by bringing together my character witnesses, putting in place reasons for the omission, and showing why I wanted to be in law enforcement. I was so emotional when I went in front of the commission I could not talk. Mr. White quickly came to my defense and spoke for me. As a result, I am employed in the field of law enforcement and very grateful for Mr. White's effort and his down to earth style. Mr. White is, in large part, the reason why I wear a badge today. I am confident Mr. White can help you too." Professional License Hearing: Criminal Justice Education & Training Standards Commission.

Case Dispositions

Client charged with assault on a female. Attorney Landon White advised the client to reject a deferred prosecution offer from the State and proceed to trial. At the close of the State's evidence attorney Landon White moved for judgment of nonsuit and dismissal arguing the State had not offered sufficient evidence to establish that an assault occurred. The judge granted the motion and dismissed the charge.

Client charged with driving while impaired and open container in the passenger area of a vehicle. Attorney Landon White moved to dismiss arguing that the law enforcement officer lacked probable cause to arrest. After a hearing on the matter the judge granted the motion to dismiss the charges.

Client charged with felony embezzlement from an employer over a period of several years. Attorney Landon White negotiated a plea to the reduced charge of misdemeanor larceny with unsupervised probation. Prior to disposition of the criminal charges, attorney Landon White negotiated a consent order with the NC Board of CPA Examiners whereby the client did not admit guilt in the consent order and consented to a license revocation, leaving open the ability to re-apply in the future. The consent order does not contain reference to a criminal conviction because it was entered into before disposition of the criminal charges.

Client charged with driving after consuming alcohol while less than 21 and speeding. Client pleaded guilty to driving after consuming and attorney Landon White successfully argued for a prayer for judgment continued, which avoided a driver license suspension and other sentencing conditions.

Client's driver license was suspended for three years as a result of pleas to moving violations during a period of suspension by a former attorney. Attorney Landon White filed a Motion for Appropriate Relief to reopen the former cases. When reopened, attorney Landon White was able to remove the three-year suspension and make the client immediately eligible to reinstate driving privileges.

Client charged with reckless driving to endanger, which could have disqualified their application for a commercial driver license. Attorney Landon White negotiated a plea to the reduced charge of city code violation, which did not affect client's ability to pursue a commercial driver license.

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