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When criminal charges threaten to disrupt your life, rely on Landon White Law Firm, PLLC, to get you back on course. From misdemeanor to felony offenses, attorney White has the skill set you need to confront charges and resolve your legal issues effectively.

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You may have made one simple mistake. If that failure in judgment is connected to a criminal matter, however, this action can create lifelong complications. Criminal convictions carry penalties that may include fines, imprisonment, reduced driving privileges and a record that can follow you for years.

Mr. Landon White, managing partner of Landon White Law Firm, PLLC, believes that one error should not determine your future. As your advocate, he does not judge, he advises. A gifted criminal defense lawyer, he has represented clients in courthouses throughout North Carolina and has negotiated beneficial plea agreements. He will fight to achieve the best outcome according to your circumstances.

Prosecutors and judges take a firm line when handling criminal cases. With Mr. White by your side, you can be certain that he will use the law to address any challenge you face throughout the criminal process.

Guiding You Through Troubled Waters

Other area firms offer a broad range of services across many practice areas. Mr. White focuses primarily on criminal defense which has allowed him to develop a deep understanding of the law and proceedings. This emphasis gives you an advantage when you are accused of a crime.

Having dedicated his career to criminal law, Mr. White has substantial experience representing clients facing various charges, including:

  • Alcohol violations, including DWI charges and underage drinking
  • Drug charges, including marijuana possession, prescription drug offense and felony drug charges
  • Weapons offenses
  • Embezzlement and other white collar crimes
  • Rape or assault
  • Domestic violence charges

When you hire his services, Mr. White will review the circumstances surrounding your arrest, identify your available options and tailor a legal strategy that supports your goals. Whether you are seeking a lesser conviction, reduced jail time or have another result in mind, attorney White will use your input to pursue an appropriate course of action in trial or negotiations.

Assisting You With Civil Matters

In addition to his comprehensive criminal defense services, Landon White practices administrative law. He is qualified to represent individuals who have been denied government benefits and businesses which have been penalized for failing to comply with federal regulations.

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